Bramptons Lift Manufacturers Ltd

An independent lift manufacturer providing lifts and all associated equipment to the elevator industry.

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An independent company providing manufacturing and services to the elevator industry.

Using the the latest in manufacturing and design technology we provide bespoke, design to order equipment and services for all Site Specific Equipment required to complete your design proposals

Customers choose us because of our expertise and knowledge and excellent record of meeting targets with stringent quality requirements. Our investment in our facilities enables us to provide you with exactly what you need, whilst keeping costs down.

All key components of lift installation
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Lift Cars

Services - Liftech Engineering

Liftech Engineering specialises in quick turnaround work for numerous lift companies, from the simple bracket to the more technical bespoke equipment.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal is fully integrated with our systems to provide one place for obtaining documents, getting quotes and tracking progress for all of your jobs.

Product Files

Acces our products associated files, including data sheets, installation guides and other general information.

Proud partners in

London Underground Modernisation Program
East London Extension Line Project
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