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At Bramptons we are continually improving and pushing things forwards in everything we do, from the automation of design to advanced manufacturing techniques.

Over the years we have been growing, we have worked extremely hard to create a manufacturing environement combining traditional techniques with modern technology and automation.

Modern quality CNC machinery and employee experience and knowledge enable us to maintain a repeatably high standard of production.


Modern Manufacturing

Our machinery enables us automate large chunks of work within our processes. Auto palletisation and material handling helps increase our capacity and through put.

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Computer Aided Design

Anything manufactured in our factory is modelled in 3D first, so we know exactly how much material is needed and how it will fit togethor within the parent assemblies / project

Standardisation of design.

We look into every component we make and see how we can simplify the component. A library of every component we make is kept with its parameter information, enabling us re-use existing proven data.

Product Configuration

Every category of item we make has a set of input forms, which is filled in for every job. This way we can track previous orders and keep a record of everything we make.

Complete History

Each component we make is controlled by our central system, enabling us to keep a complete log of a components manufacture and usage.

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